Within My First Two-Year Term

  • Property taxes were never raised
  • Worked with administration to develop a Diversity and Inclusivity Campaign city-wide to ensure all people from various ethnicities, religions, ages, and abilities feel safe in our city. 
  • Established an Urban Forest initiative, starting with Montgomery Park to create a more green Wetaskiwin
  • Helped our hospitalized residents through the COVID-19 Pandemic as a frontline healthcare worker

I Will Continue Working Towards

A Growing Wetaskiwin

  •  explore partnering with other municipalities to integrate our transit systems to connect our residents to new jobs at the EIA, Nisku, and Edmonton
  • continue to invest and rebuild our roads and vital infrastructure ensuring safe, efficient movement of labour, goods, and services.

A Safe Wetaskiwin:

  • Continue working closely with the RCMP for crime reduction initiatives
  • Explore options on how to address and reduce domestic violence in our community
  • Addressing the root cause of crime by filling the gaps in our support services, increasing accessibility to mental health and other support services in our community.

A Caring Wetaskiwin:

  • Engage with youth by creating a “Youth Advisory Committee” that will advise council on youth issues
  • Explore options for developing an affordable housing strategy
  • Continue to work towards adding support services in our community for our vulnerable population

An Environmentally Sustainable Wetaskiwin: 

  • develop a ‘Wetaskiwin Environmental Advisory Board’ that is a city board comprised of public representatives to advise Wetaskiwin City Council on environmental issues. 
  • review the potential of investing in renewable energy for our public buildings that would be a net-positive investment, which ultimately saves Wetaskiwin dollars in the long-term